Today’s Events

  • November 22, 2014 – Wilkie Unit Birding Trek
    8:00 am, Field Trip

MRVAC Programs

November 20: Holiday Auction. Have fun and help raise money for MRVAC's educational outreach.

December 20: Potluck Soup Supper following the Christmas Bird Count. Everyone is invited whether or not you counted!

Audubon Adventures

What is Audubon Adventures?

AUDUBON ADVENTURES is an environmental education program for children in grades 3 to 6. Developed by professional environmental educators, AUDUBON ADVENTURES presents basic, scientifically accurate facts about birds, wildlife, and their habitats. It comes to you packaged as a Classroom Kit (serving 32 students) or Individual Kit (serving 1 student). The program is used by classroom teachers, after-school program coordinators, special education instructors, language arts teachers, and homeschoolers.

Wondering how your school can get involved?

MRVAC supports Audubon Adventures in thirty-five classrooms each year. Contact Jean Mueting ( – MRVAC Education Chair – to find out how your child’s classroom can become an Audubon Adventure classroom.

Where can I get more information on Audubon Adventures?

AUDUBON ADVENTURES is a National Audubon Program. The National Audubon site has great information for teachers and parents: Audubon Adventures Program