Financial Report for MRVAC

by Bob Williams, Treasurer

Our latest fiscal year ended May 31, 2016 and I am happy to report that we had another successful year.

We exceeded our goals for our 3 main sources of funding: Birdathon, holiday auction and general contributions. These 3 sources totaled well over $9,000. The other categories that contribute significant income to our organization are memberships, both local and national, and field trips. These brought in over $5,000 and our total income for the year was just over $16,000. As of the end of the fiscal year we had over $36,600 in our checking account and in CD’s combined. For the current fiscal year our income goals are pretty much the same as last year.

Our expenses also were in line with our projections. We made grants totaling $8,500 which is slightly higher than usual. The largest expense for our organization continues to be the printing and mailing of the Trumpeter. Last year we spent about $4,000 on the newsletter. We are currently exploring options on how to significantly reduce this cost. Our total expenses for the year were slightly over $16,000.

This year’s Birdathon was again a great success. There were 6 members of MRVAC who went birding and collected donations: Craig Mandel, Steve Weston, Dianne Rowse, Bob Janssen, Greg Burnes and Bob Williams. So far we have collect $2,750 but there is still time for any of you to make a donation either by sending a check to us at P.O. Box 20400, Bloomington, MN or by going to

The more we raise, the more we can donate to worthy projects that further our mission.