Volunteer to Lead/Co-lead Bird Walks

BInoculars at ArboretumBy Cheri Fox 

We’d love to have a few more MRVAC field trip leaders! If you have been thinking about leading a walk but are a little unsure about it, you may set up a field trip with a co-leader.

You need not be an expert, you just need to be welcoming to your participants and have some experience with the trip location. For example, it’s very helpful if you have birded there before, know the park features (restrooms, optional trails back to the parking lot) – and where at least a few birds are likely to be found.

Where do you like to bird when you are birding alone or with a few friends? Birding by bike or canoe might be fun! Pick your favorite park or trail and contact me, Cheri Fox, about adding an outing to next year’s schedule. I can be reached by phone at 612-590-1261 or email at cherifoxj@gmail.com.