AudubonAdventuresEach year our chapter puts aside funding to support educational activities in our region. One key activity is our reach out to a variety of schools and outdoor educational organizations offering them free access to the Audubon Adventure educational curriculum.

We are looking for a volunteer that would help us find educational programs that could successfully leverage these materials in their classrooms. If you are truly interested in supporting environmental education, please contact Greg Burnes @ 612-205-3071.

About Audubon Adventures: Across the country this material has been used to introduce young people (grades 3 – 8), their families, and their teachers to the fundamental principles by which the natural world functions. Audubon Adventures lessons offer an exciting, science-based exploration of those principles at work anchored in nonfiction reading and outdoor and classroom activities that help kids to care for the planet by helping birds and other wildlife. They integrate easily into the existing curriculum areas of science, social studies, mathematics, language arts and creative arts. Audubon Adventures has been used in classrooms, home schools, after-school programs, camp programs, ESL classes and more