MVNWR Bloomington Visitor Center

Join us as we celebrate MRVAC’s 50 year anniversary!

We plan on “changing up” our annual membership picnic for our 50th Anniversary. Join us on June 22nd at the Minnesota River Valley Refuge. Here is the agenda:

  • At 5:30pm MRVAC will sponsor a guided bird-walk
  • At 6:15pm we will have our annual pot-luck dinner. Please bring something to share, MRVAC will be supply drinks and cake.
  • At 7:00pm we will move to the auditorium for the evening’s presentation by Neil Wingert. Neil’s around-the-world birding trip garnered many pictures and stories; he has agreed to share some of the best ones with us.

It should be a fun evening. Please come, and bring family and friends.

A Global Big Year by Neil Wingert

The WingertsNeil Wingert promised his wife they would go south and west for the winter after he retired at the end of 2015. They both got more than he had imagined. Neil will present photos and highlights from his 2016 Big Year which found him in 9 countries: New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Bolivia, Ecuador and the USA. If you can’t attend this program, all his sightings and photos were entered into eBird.