MarkBeckyLystigMark and Becky Lystig have been awarded the Trumpeter Award for 2015-16 because of their contributions to the Minnesota River Valley Audubon Chapter in three categories: leadership, fundraising and outreach.

In the leadership category, Becky has served on the MRVAC Board for 15 years including 7 years as Secretary. In the fundraising category, Mark and Becky have participated in most of the last two decades of Birdathons and have been very successful at collecting pledges. In addition Mark serves ably as the chapter’s auctioneer at the holiday auctions as far back as I can remember and Becky regularly contributes baked goods or crafts to the auction.

In the outreach category, since the mid 90’s, Mark has been leading a popular November field trip along the Mississippi which focuses both on migrating swans and sampling the edible delicacies of southern Minnesota. In addition, Becky and Mark gave a fascinating talk on their trip to Antarctica at one of our membership meetings. The final aspect of outreach has to do with the Trumpeter newsletter. Becky has been involved with the Trumpeter mailing since the late 1980’s and for many years has been coordinating the mailings which includes keeping up with postal regulations, hosting events to assemble and attach labels plus delivering over 1000 copies every other month to the bulk mailing facility. Besides mailing, Becky has proofread the last 11 years’ worth of Trumpeters and Mark has contributed a number of book reviews.