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MRVAC Programs

January 26, 7:00 pm: Fledgling Northern Saw-whet Owl Migration by Jennifer Vieth, Carpenter Nature Center

February 23, 7:00 pm: The Elegance of our Tallest Birds: Cranes, Herons & Egrets by by Stan Tekiela, NatureSmart

Upcoming Events

Frontenac – Minnesota’s Best Birding  By Bob Janssen, MRVAC President-Elect

It was May 11, 1947, a Saturday morning, and I was on my way to look at birds at Frontenac, the warbler capital of Minnesota. I was 14 years old and I couldn’t drive so my dad said he would take me and a friend on my first birding trip outside the Twin Cities area. We arrived at the old cemetery and it was loaded with birds, Blackburnian Warblers sitting on picnic tables near us. Read more.


What Hath We Wrought?  By Don Arnosti, Isaak Walton League 

Of all the people in these United States, we Minnesotans should have some understanding of what just happened politically at the national level. Those of us older than 35 remember the 1998 election for Minnesota Governor, which brought us Jesse Ventura. He, too, ran “against the system” as a plain-speaking regular guy. He was a skilled public performer. We were sick of “same-old, same-old” and went for the outsider in a last-minute emotional wave. Read more.

Holiday Auction & Give to the Max Raise Money for Educational Projects

2017 will be the 50th year since the chapter was officially incorporated and we have some exciting projects that we are working on to mark the occasion. This money will help fund these as well as the grants that we typically give to the Refuge and other worthy organizations for their efforts. Learn more.

Call for Trumpeter Award Nominations

Each spring for 14 of the past 16 years, MRVAC has presented the Trumpeter Award to one of its members for outstanding long-term contributions to MRVAC. We are soliciting nominations from you; tell us who you think should be our next recipient.

Audubon MN in Action at the Legislature

By Molly Pederson, Executive Director, Audubon MN and Kimberly Scott, Legislative Liaison 

Minnesota is a better place for birds and people because of your commitment to fighting for clean water, reducing carbon pollution, and making homes and communities more bird-friendly. Regardless of political affiliation, we must continue to work together as conservationists to address issues that impact us all. Learn what our state Audubon office is doing.

Refuge Friends Focuses on Education

By Steve Sutter, RFI 

Refuge Friends Inc. (RFI) was formed about ten years ago in December 2006. Since then we have worked with the staff of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge (MVNWR) and its various partners to connect people with nature through environmental education, outreach, partnerships and advocacy. Minnesota River Valley Audubon Chapter (MRVAC) is one of the outstanding Refuge Partners. Learn more.

Children and Nature: Audubon Center of the North Woods

by Bryan Wood, Executive Director, Audubon Center of the North Woods 

Less than 30 minutes a day. That is the average amount of time a child in the U.S. spends outside. This represents less than half the time kids spent outside just a generation ago. During this drop-off, screen time has exploded and now exceeds more than 7 hours daily. Learn how Audubon Center of the North Woods gets kids outside.

Support Lead-Free Public Lands and Waters

Ashley J. Peters, Audubon Minnesota 

Audubon has a long history of working to remove toxins from our environment and toxic lead shot is no different. Every year, eagles, swans, ducks, and other birds get sick and die when they ingest lead shot that remains in wetlands, waterways, and injured or leftover game after a hunt. Just one or two lead pellets is enough to kill a Bald Eagle.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has proposed a rule change that would ban the use of toxic lead shot within certain wildlife management areas (WMAs) and when hunting rails and snipe statewide. Audubon Minnesota supports this proposed rule change because it allows for a reasonable, phased-in approach toward minimizing unintended bird deaths and reducing lead shot deposited on our public lands.

As the DNR works to finalize the rule change next year, we’ll need you to advocate for the use of nontoxic ammunition on WMAs. Learn more about this issue by visiting and watch for updates in the next newsletter.

Become a bird walk leader/co-leader

MRVAC is looking for people interested in leading or co-leading local bird walks. You don’t need to be an expert, just someone who knows a little something about birds and where to find them. Read more.

MRVAC Grant Requests

We’ll be reviewing grant requests in early 2016. If you know of an organization that fits the mission of MRVAC, read more here.

Raise money for MRVAC while shopping with AmazonSmile

When customers shop on AmazonSmile (, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charitable organizations selected by customers. We hope you will select the Minnesota River Valley Audubon Chapter!

Treats needed for upcoming meetings

We always need treats! If you can bring a few dozen cookies, bars or some easy- to-eat snack to share at one of our meetings, please call Robin, the Social Chair, at 612-723-2633 or email to