Board of Directors & Committees

Meet the MRVAC Board of Directors

President: Matthew Schaut
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Vice President: Steve Weston
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Treasurer: Walt Stull
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Secretary: Rob Daves
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Director-at-Large: Open

Director-at-Large: Robin Kutz
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Director-at-Large: Lee Ann Landstrom
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Director-at-Large: Doug Mayo
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Director-at-Large: Ken Oulman
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Director-at-Large: Monica Rauchwarter
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Director-at-Large: Bob Williams
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Meet the MRVAC Committee Chairs

Fundraising and Bird-a-thon Coordinator: Bob Williams
Coordinates the annual Birdathon fundraiser and other fundraising efforts.

Chapter Historian: Randy Hills
Ensures MRVAC historical artifacts are collected and made available.

Christmas Bird Count Compiler: Liz Stanley & Rick Magee
Coordinates resources for the CBC, compiles and communicates results.

Environmental Action & Conservation Chair: Lee Ann Landstrom
Assists board in setting education, conservation and  environmental agenda and getting membership involved in these activities.  Coordinates Audubon Adventures.

Field Trip Coordinator: Craig Mandel
Compiles annual listing of all field trips and other MRVAC activities. Recruits trip leaders.

Membership Chair: Pam Albin
Tracks membership for both local and national members. Works with National Audubon and reports these activities to the MRVAC board.

MOU Representative: Dave Baden
Coordinates MRVACs activities and interests with the MOU.

Refuge Meeting Program Chair: Steve Weston
Books programming for the monthly MRVAC refuge meetings.

Social Chair: Robin Kutz
Enhance social aspects of MRVAC even.

Trumpeter Editor: Josh Sweet
Solicits content from a variety of sources and assembles the bi-monthly Trumpeter. Sends final copy to printer.

Trumpeter Mailing Coordinator: Becky Lystig
Ensures the hard-copy Trumpeter is delivered to members and other distribution locations.

Webmaster: Rob Daves
Posts content updates to the MRVAC website and keeps supporting technology current.