By Bob Williams

Every year has a special day for non-profits to raise money for their organization.  This year that day is Nov. 18.  MRVAC’s board encourages you to make a donation to MRVAC on that day.

It’s easy:  Just go to the GiveMN website (you can find the link here  The advantage of making a donation on that day is that we could get a bonus if we are fortunate.

We already received $550 in donations, so you need not wait until the eighteenth.  And because we are not able to have our Holiday Auction again this year, this will be our primary means of raising money at the end of the year.  Much of the money that we raise is given in the form of grants to area organizations that have projects that further our mission of providing leadership in environmental awareness, education and advocacy, especially relating to the wildlife of the Minnesota River Valley.  Please donate.