By Lee Ann Landstrom

Environmental action and conservation chair

The MRVAC board of directors ended MRVAC’s fiscal year by awarding more grants.  Kennedy High School received $2,000 to purchase 600 native plants for a new pollinator-friendly rain garden, which was planted by 40 volunteers May 14. They hope to add an informative sign, perhaps a rain barrel and complete further projects to support wildlife on school grounds. Stop by and check it out.

Normandale Community College received an additional $3,000 to install additional anti-bird strike window treatments beyond their original project scope. Staff reports reduced bird fatalities because of the dotted film that overs most of the building’s north-facing wall of windows.

The Hastings School District received $3,000 to add with other funding sources to create and fabricate a large, four-panel kiosk on their property at the “180th Street Marsh.” Students as well as the general public use this popular conservation land.

These organizations have thanked MRVAC for the funding, much of which come from the generosity of our members through fundraising efforts.