Minnesota Loons major league soccer and MRVAC!  Wait.  What?  Soccer, not the bird?  Turns out this year, it’s both.

Loons are something to listen to and look at in wonder – and mark down on our checklists.  But this year the Minnesota River Valley Audubon Chapter has teamed up with the Minnesota Loons United Football Club to help each other’s causes.  The Loons approached MRVAC saying its fans like the team’s focus on environmental issues.   To promote its commitment to the conservation community, the team offered to partner with MRVAC and donate a portion of the fans jersey purchases during the February kickoff month to the chapter for its conservation and grant programs.

We’ve exchanged each other’s digital logos with MRVAC promoting the Loons and the Loons promoting MRVAC’s mission.  Saturday, Feb. 17, some of our members and spouses are scheduled to staff a table at the Loons’ Boot Soccer tournament at Allianz Field in St. Paul to preview the Loons 2024 schedule, it’s “kit reveal” and spread the good word about MRVAC.  In soccer-speak, “kit reveal” is when the team shows off its jersey and uniform for the first time.

Thanks to the Loons and all our dedicated MRVAC members – and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources folk who gave us some handouts – who worked hard to make this a success.  They’ve helped spread the good word about MRVAC’s conservation mission, helped the Loons reach its target market and collected a few bucks for MRVAC’s grant program.

You can read more about the Minnesota Loons UFC here Minnesota United FC (mnufc.com)