By Nikki Pyle

The city of Burnsville needs a volunteer to monitor bluebird houses.

I am Nikki Pyle, a Gold Medal award Girl Scout. For my Gold Medal project I built 12 bluebird houses using a MRVAC grant for the house materials and worked with the city of Burnsville to install the houses in Terrace Oaks Parks. I am offering a community class Aug. 29 at 2 p.m. as part of the requirements of my project. It will involve walking through Terrace Oaks Park to see the houses, learning how to monitor and clean the houses properly and understand the importance of bluebirds and other birds in our area.  If you can monitor the houses as a city volunteer, please attend this session. If you cannot attend but would be interested in helping with the bluebird trail, please contact me at

Thank you.